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We recommend content to a wide-reaching HR audience based on their job role and experience. Precision targeting you can tap into to reach the right Accounts & Contacts.

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Human Resources teams rely on software solutions for Employee Engagement, Learning & Development, Performance Management, Benefits Administration and more. Our insights into vendor engagement can help you go-to-market efficiently in highly competitive categories.


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Today’s B2B buyers prefer to self-educate before vendor engagement, making your content a crucial part of the sales process. Gain intelligence on the content favored by HR leaders to inform your marketing strategies.

Intelligent Workforce Management: What HR Leaders Need to Know

The Ultimate Guide to Employee Engagement Surveys

Creating a Systematic Approach to Talent Management

Creating an Intuitive Online Performance & Talent Platform

Streamline & Digitizing Employee Performance Management

employee engagement


talent platform

attrition rates

hybrid work

employee development
performance management

employee feedback

compensation communications
integrated technology

talent planning visibility

talent landscape


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We analyze millions of engagement signals to identify common pain points, shifting trends and the most critical business needs of HR teams. Insights we can leverage to help you run better campaigns.

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