CONTENTgine Joins Stirista’s Fusion Program to Monetize Wealth of B2B Deterministic Insights

CONTENTgine Joins Stirista’s Fusion Program to Monetize Wealth of B2B Deterministic Insights


Partnership with Stirista Empowers CONTENTgine to Maximize Revenue Growth through Onboarding and Activation of Intelligent Content Data

SAN ANTONIO (PRWEB) JULY 25, 2023 – CONTENTgine, a leader in content-based marketing, today announced that it has joined Stirista, a leading data-driven marketing company, in its Fusion Data Transformation Partner Program. Aggregating millions of first-party audience engagements with B2B vendor content to produce key content insights, CONTENTgine’s unique deterministic B2B data will be available in all of the major DSPs, DMPs, and data marketplaces through Stirista’s Fusion Partner Program.

Andrew Connelly, Director of Global Intelligence at CONTENTgine, expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, “Joining Stirista’s Fusion Partner program presents an exciting opportunity for CONTENTgine to monetize our unique B2B deterministic data. By leveraging Stirista’s extensive reach and resources including building a complete taxonomy of our data, we can scale up our data licensing and lead generation services. This partnership will enable brand and agency marketers to tap into the power of our data through first-in-class onboarding and digital distribution programs maximizing targeting, communications and optimized messaging.”

Stirista’s Fusion Data Transformation program creates a marketplace that connects companies with substantial data assets to top-tier data providers. By joining this program, CONTENTgine gains enhanced accessibility and monetization opportunities in prominent data marketplaces, such as LiveRamp Data Store, Lotame, among others. Stirista creates and refines the taxonomies for audience segments- – based on extensive experience with providing audience segments to major agencies and brands across the digital ecosystem. The partnership allows participants to increase their reach and engage with high-value audience targets, with personalized, relevant omnichannel messaging.

“We are thrilled to welcome CONTENTgine to Stirista’s Fusion Data Transformation Partner Program,” said Blaine Britten, SVP of Data Strategy at Stirista. “CONTENTgine’s expertise incontent-based marketing aligns perfectly with our goal of bringing high performing datasolutions to digital advertisers. Together, we can empower brands, agencies and other marketers to unlock the full potential of their marketing campaigns for superior customer acquisition and retention strategies.”

The latest partnership with CONTENTgine marks another significant milestone for Stirista’s program, which has gained substantial momentum since its launch in February 2020.

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About CONTENTgine
CONTENTgine is a world leader in Content-Based Marketing™, making high-quality lead generation and content syndication analytics a more successful and profitable investment for marketers. Using the world’s largest B2B content library and capturing the details of prospects researching solutions in your market segment, we apply content analytics that provides both 100% first-person leads and content syndication scoring of your content and your competitors’ content. For more information, please visit

About Stirista
Stirista is a leader in data-driven marketing through its all-inclusive award-winning performance media solution which combines its data, email, and digital prowess to help clients acquire and retain customers. Named one of America’s fastest growing private companies in 2022, Stirista offers clients a unique data-driven experience by utilizing precise audience data combined with access to Stirista’s proprietary ESP and DSP platforms to yield the fastest time-to-market actionable insights and optimized campaigns. For more information, please visit

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