MRP and CONTENTgine Go-To-Market As pharosIQ Following Recent Merger

MRP and CONTENTgine Go-To-Market As pharosIQ Following Recent Merger

Introducing pharosIQ

The new company name, pharosIQ, reflects the complete integration of the two organizations and positions the new company as a leader in the B2B intent signal data and demand generation space.


April 8, 2024, Philadelphia, PA: Following their recent merger, MRP and CONTENTgine introduce the launch of a new company, pharosIQ. This milestone marks a significant step forward in their unified vision. The company name was chosen as a symbol of the technological synergies and diversification of solutions that arose from the merger. ‘Pharos,’ derived from the guiding light of the ancient Lighthouse of Alexandria, represents the company’s ability to create, identify, and implement “intent-to-purchase” signals for targeting across full-funnel demand generation solutions. “IQ” signifies the company’s creation of a perpetual signal engine that utilizes artificial intelligence and machine learning to identify ready-to-buy prospects for B2B revenue teams.


“Our goal is to cut through the intent data noise,” said pharosIQ CEO Chris Rack. “The combination of our down-funnel intent signals and the full-funnel capabilities of our solutions has put us in the perfect position to evolve into the new company, pharosIQ. It represents an evolution of technology and strategic solutions that will empower B2B technology and services companies to target their customers precisely and efficiently.”


The launch of pharosIQ marks the debut of its proprietary first-party permission-based, down-funnel “intent-to-purchase” targeting capabilities. These signals are now accessible to B2B technology and services vendors worldwide through a comprehensive suite of full-funnel lead generation solutions. With this strategic move following the merger, pharosIQ embodies the realization of a shared vision, aiming to deliver unparalleled value to B2B vendors and establish itself as an industry leader.


pharosIQ’s “intent-to-purchase” signal engine integrates proprietary engagement data from highly coveted B2B buyer interactions:

  • Down-funnel b2b user engagements across key decision-driving content, such as monitoring readership of pricing guides, case studies, comparison guides, and white papers, as well as tracking content consumption and topic trends.
  • Down-funnel review site engagements, encompassing comparison reviews, peer reviews, and competitor analyses, providing invaluable insights into decision drivers and business needs.
  • Human-verified “intent-to-purchase” project confirmation data, including project timelines, budget allocations, buying groups, and business needs.


The pharosIQ signal engine utilizes artificial intelligence and machine learning to ingest these comprehensive data sources. It then generates actionable insights, which are deployed across full-funnel lead generation campaigns by the pharosIQ customer experience and delivery teams on behalf of customers.


The pharosIQ Strategic Full-funnel Solutions Now Available:

  • IQsyndicate: B2B Content Syndication
  • IQappend: Append Leads with Mobile Phone Data
  • IQdirect: Direct-to-Desk Mail
  • IQconnect: Full-funnel Leads
  • IQengage: B2B Display Advertising
  • IQconvert: High-Quality Leads
  • IQevents: Custom B2B Events


Gurdeep Chimni, a pharosIQ board member, stated, “Our unified intent signal technologies and delivery systems have quickly driven the creation of advanced down-funnel buying signal targeting and solutions, revolutionizing demand creation and lead generation.” Mr. Chimni continued, “Today, we’re solidifying our position as leaders in B2B buying signal targeting and solution delivery. pharosIQ is set to make significant global business impact for our existing MRP and CONTENTgine customers. Moreover, future pharosIQ customers stand to benefit immensely from these advancements.”


About pharosIQ

pharosIQ is a leading global provider of “intent-to-purchase” signal-driven lead generation solutions, delivering essential insights and demand for B2B organizations’ sales and marketing success. With over four decades of expertise, pharosIQ converts proprietary intelligence into impactful engagements, driving global revenue efficiently. Powered by first-party audience engagement data, pharosIQ connects B2B software and services vendors with in-market buyers, transforming sales and marketing strategies worldwide. For more information visit

Contact Information:

Anna Eliot, Chief Marketing Officer

+1 (773) 294-4564


Read the press release here.

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