MRP Announces Additional Enhancements, Identifying In-Market Accounts for B2B Revenue Teams

MRP Announces Additional Enhancements, Identifying In-Market Accounts for B2B Revenue Teams


MRP adds further enrichments and scale to its’ industry-leading account intelligence and demand generation solutions.

PHILADELPHIA, Oct. 10, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — MRP, a leading global account intelligence provider that accelerates demand generation for the world’s most ambitious brands, today announced further advancements to its breadth of buying interest data coverage.

MRP customers will continue to benefit from the most comprehensive intelligence-driven demand generation solutions today, with the addition of lower funnel buying interest intelligence sources. By adding tracked engagement with content aligned with buying interest, including review sites and case studies to MRPs already robust intent engine, B2B revenue teams can more effectively prioritize budgets and resources for maximum pipeline creation in a challenging market.

Key capabilities and benefits of MRP’s enhancements include:

  • Unmatched breadth of intelligence coverage: Combining signals from multiple down funnel sources — MRP looks past the assumptive touch points, aggregating real buying signals and preventing the skewed buyer insights that result from traditional intent data providers.
  • Explicit engagement propensity: MRP processes and catalogs direct interactions with buyers, confirming their future purchase intentions delivering unique, explicit buying signals derived from the exhaust of the millions of B2B buyer engagements they make each year.
  • Multilingual intelligence: As the first and only solution to offer true multilingual and multiregional intelligence, beyond the mere translation of keywords, MRP is helping customers identify genuine buying signals from wherever their target market is in the world, identifying triggers in local markets, including regional dialects.

“Current market conditions are forcing B2B revenue teams to evaluate and rework their go to market motions.  Budgets and resources are more limited, making it crucial to target the right companies at the right time. I’m excited to bring our current and potential customers a different, approach to account-based marketing (ABM), focused on identifying buying signals amidst the noise,” stated Chris Rack, CEO of MRP.

With the sharp decline of Martech utilization and recognition that marketers use only a third of technology capabilities that consume a quarter of their entire budget, MRP has reemphasized and reinvested in its unique demand solutions offerings, solving for revenue teas targets and goals at all phases of the buyer journey.

“The rush to adopt ‘shiny new tools’ over the past several years has led to a rapid influx of ABM and intent data platforms that haven’t lived up to their promises,” said Michael McGoldrick, VP of Corporate Marketing at MRP. “By focusing on executing demand solutions without the heavy platform lift, we are able to accelerate our customers path to pipeline growth.”

In a landscape where many marketers grapple with the complexity of integrating various ABM and intent data solutions, MRP’s streamlined approach offers a solution that eliminates unnecessary complexity and enables our customers to accelerate their path to pipeline growth.


For more information about MRP’s latest enhancements and its commitment to excellence in demand generation, please visit or contact the team directly.



About MRP

MRP, the leading global account intelligence provider, equips B2B organizations with the intelligence and the demand required to deliver a future-proof sales and marketing funnel. From growing start-ups to enterprise organizations, MRP has provided B2B organizations with an unmatched breadth of buyer intelligence for over two decades, converting its’ proprietary account intelligence into meaningful buyer engagements, cost-effectively driving engagement and revenue globally and at scale.

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