MRP Positioned As Leader In The 2022 SPARK™ Matrix For ABM Platforms by Quadrant Knowledge Solutions

MRP Positioned As Leader In The 2022 SPARK™ Matrix For ABM Platforms by Quadrant Knowledge Solutions


MRP Prelytix stands out for customer impact and technology excellence with unparalleled data management, enterprise administration, and omnichannel orchestration.

Quadrant Knowledge Solutions announced today that it has named MRP Prelytix™, the only enterprise class account-based sales and marketing solution, a 2022 technology leader in the global SPARK Matrix analysis of the Account-Based Marketing Platform market, 2022. The report recognizes the MRP Prelytix platform for both technology excellence and customer impact, noting that the platform [uniquely] simplifies the complexity of sophisticated and mature ABM programs globally for enterprise B2B sales and marketing organizations.

According to Megha Rungta, Analyst, Quadrant Knowledge Solutions, “ MRP Prelytix™ is equipped with robust capabilities that facilitate omnichannel orchestration across all relevant channels. The company continues to deliver value to its customers through its key technology differentiators, including global enterprise specialization and multitenancy, role-based collaboration, sophisticated account-based data management, real-time analysis, AI-driven omnichannel orchestration, advanced insights and next-gen intent, and advanced recognition and targeting.”

Megha added: “With its ability to cater to diverse enterprise use cases, robust product strategy and roadmap, and strong industry expertise, MRP has received a strong rating across the parameters of technology excellence and customer impact and has been positioned amongst the leaders in the SPARK Matrix: Account-Based Marketing Platform, 2022.”

The established leader in enterprise ABM, MRP serves large multinational organizations in 6 continents and 20+ languages, including 19 of the top 20 technology companies in the world. MRP is an innovator on the cutting-edge of ABM and has been recognized as ABM Technology Leader by Quadrant Knowledge Solutions second time in a row.

As stated by Mark Ogne, CMO of MRP, “In a rush to accelerate the delivery of ‘account-based experiences’ (ABX), the platforms that support it have become a critical bottleneck, creating yet another siloed system that adds to the complexity and undermines the outcomes it is intended to improve. With this report, we believe Quadrant Knowledge Solutions has recognized that MRP Prelytix’s technical excellence surpasses today’s iteration of the ABX platform, and has the capabilities required to provide truly personalized experiences across multiple channels, buying centers, geographies, and lines of business.


About the Quadrant Knowledge Solutions’ SPARK Matrix™

The Quadrant Knowledge Solutions’ SPARK Matrix™ includes a detailed analysis of the global market dynamics, major trends, vendor landscape, and competitive positioning. The study provides competitive analysis and ranking of the leading technology vendors in the form of its SPARK MatrixTM. The study offers strategic information for users to evaluate different provider capabilities, competitive differentiation, and market position. Download the 2022 Spark Matrix™ Account-Based Marketing Platform report here.


About MRP

MRP Prelytix is the only enterprise-class predictive account-based sales and marketing platform. For organizations that serve multiple partners, lines of business, geographies, or industries, MRP Prelytix empowers sales and marketing teams to simplify their environment’s complexity and produce measurable and high-performance conversion, pipeline velocity, and closed revenue. Applying the industry’s only real-time predictive analytics and data management, we fuel over 1,000 ABM engines across six continents to coordinate, execute, and optimize their ABM programs using eight channels produced in 20 languages. Powered by KX, Prelytix sits on top of the fastest streaming analytics database in the world.

About Quadrant Knowledge Solutions

Quadrant Knowledge Solutions is a global advisory and consulting firm focused on helping clients in achieving business transformation goals with Strategic Business and Growth advisory services. At Quadrant Knowledge Solutions, our vision is to become an integral part of our client’s business as a strategic knowledge partner. Our research and consulting deliverables are designed to provide comprehensive information and strategic insights for helping clients formulate growth strategies to survive and thrive in ever-changing business environments.

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