MRP Prelytix Launches Revolutionary ABM Waterfall Visualization

MRP Prelytix Launches Revolutionary ABM Waterfall Visualization


Enterprise marketers now have the power to combine data from disconnected marketing activities into a unified demand waterfall and account view.


PHILADELPHIA, May 6, 2019/ PRNewswire/ – MRP, the only enterprise-class predictive ABM platform, today announced the launch of its’ Program Waterfall functionality within its award-winning predictive analytics and account-based marketing platform. This latest update to the MRP Prelytix platform, powered by Kx, the world’s fastest time-series database, gives subscribers the ability to view their accounts in the context of the SiriusDecisions Demand Waterfall® qualification stages. Since its debut, the SiriusDecisions Demand Waterfall has been adopted in countless B2B organizations, as the standard for measuring and optimizing demand creation efforts.

This release enables clients to build their custom waterfall, inclusive of all account level data (1st, 2nd, and 3rd party), easily identify bottlenecks by segment and stage, and optimize how segments convert into revenue. “Best-in-class sales and marketing builds and optimizes aligned demand management processes to increase marketing’s contribution to pipeline and growth. Supporting both functions in their efforts by focusing on buying groups, their needs, and solution match, the SiriusDecisions Demand Waterfall® comes together seamlessly across both sales and marketing and all the way to product management, a true one shared concept,” said Jen Horton, VP and Group Director, Demand Generation at SiriusDecisions.

In conjunction with attribution capabilities existing in the platform, account-based marketers now can measure and optimize funnel velocity, orchestrate activities by stage, and finally get a complete aggregate view of marketing’s impact using the agreed upon measurements their sales counterparts already use.

“Marketers have to deal with the reality of marketing data dispersed across multiple single point solutions,” said MRP President and CEO Kevin Cunningham. “MRP Prelytix is the only predictive ABM platform to take first party data from across the organization, combine it with third party intelligence, all at the account level, and give marketers the power to measure, visualize, and activate targeted multi-channel marketing programs.”

MRP customers will automatically be upgraded to MRP Prelytix Program Waterfall. Learn more about MRP Prelytix by scheduling a demo, or see the demo live at this year’s SiriusDecisions Summit May 6-8 in Austin, Texas, USA.

About MRP
For enterprise organizations that serve multiple geographies, lines of business or industries, MRP Prelytix is the only ABM platform designed to give you control of your data, visibility into your target market and scale in the delivery of the highest impact engagement strategy. Leading B2B sales and marketing organizations choose MRP for our ability to deliver and measure revenue impact across a half-dozen online and offline channels, our global workforce with expertise across 100 countries and 20 languages and our ability to simplify connections between insight and action using the industry’s first application of real-time AI and Machine Learning. Powered by Kx, Prelytix sits on top of the fastest streaming analytics database in the world.

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