CONTENTgine’s B2B Content Library Has Over 500,000 Curated Pieces

CONTENTgine’s B2B Content Library Has Over 500,000 Curated Pieces

CONTENTgine Announces its B2B Vendor Content Library ( Has Reached Over 500,000 Curated Pieces


Reno, Nev., Dec. 17, 2021 /PRNewswire/ – Contentgine®, the global leader in Content-Based Marketing®, announced today that its portfolio of case studies and other B2B supplier content has reached more than 500,000 pieces, making it the world’s largest suite of online B2B solutions. The company says that its ongoing effort to aggregate, moderate, and make searchable B2B vendor content helps it deliver on its mission statement, “Contentgine helps all professionals in all industries find the right solutions for their businesses.”

The company uses the collection, which includes the online library Contentree®, as part of the Perpetual Engine® methodology to deliver relevant content to millions of potential content researchers in all major industries. The Contentree library itself is organized and searchable by industry, solution type, or vendor, and contains B2B content from over 21,000 different companies. All curated categories have expanded significantly over the past year, giving the company a better match of content to contact.

“We think of our group as Kayak or YouTube for B2B seller content,” says Chief Content Officer Jim Kelly, who created the library over several years before it was purchased by Contentgine in early 2021. “The assets were created by third parties looking to have their case studies and other marketing content read by potential buyers. We’ve built a methodology that consistently serves content from our collection to the parties interested and offers it to them for free. We are fast becoming the go-to library of B2B seller content.”

Paul Hong, Contentgine’s Chief Operating Officer, added: “With an extensive database of contacts of more than 133 million business professionals, organized by industry, role, and other key attributes, we can deliver content from our portfolio that is relevant to the business solutions they are looking for.” The high response rates we get in those professionals who access this content for free shows that we have found a winning formula for measuring interest in topics or companies by professionals looking for solutions.”

Industry studies show that there is an explosion in B2B vendor content creation due to the need to continuously educate the potential audiences. Building on these trends, Hong and Kelly say the company is committed to keeping the library growing and its content evergreen. The company is constantly looking for and adding content to the collection while recycling old and outdated content.

The online library, Contentree, can be found at:

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