Contentree Library Reaches 400 Curated Business Category Solution Sets

Contentree Library Reaches 400 Curated Business Category Solution Sets


The World’s Largest Library of B2B Business Solutions Reaches a Curation Milestone

RENO, Nev., Jan. 11, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — CONTENTgine®, The world leader in Content-Based Marketing®, announced today that it has reached a curation milestone of over 400 business category solution sets derived from its collection of over 500,000 content assets in its vast content library. Each solution set contains B2B vendor case studies for nearly every industry category. Those sets are constantly offered up by CONTENTgine’s trademarked Perpetual Engine methodology to the company’s database of over 133 million professionals.

Jim Kelly, CONTENTgine’s Chief Content Officer and founder of Contentree, stated: “The Contentree platform allows industry professionals to quickly find the perfect proven solution to their business challenges, problems or aspirations. Contentree is the ‘Autobahn’ for professionals looking for solutions to challenges in their work, if you like, or the ‘WebMD’ for all business professionals in all industries.”

“Think of the library as the first and only site dedicated to ‘Quarter-Inch Holes’ amongst a whole internet of B2B sites focused on ‘Quarter-inch Drills.’ The 400 solution sets allow any professional in any industry to find a curated list of business solutions from that library, all intended to continuously educate the business community on proven business solutions.” 

Paul Hong, Chief Operating Officer of CONTENTgine, noted: “There is finally a site for B2B marketers to implement informed strategies for marketing their business solutions. B2B Vendors can now communicate their solutions to all industries looking for answers to their operating challenges.”

The Contentree database is curated for every industry, and contains nearly all vendor offerings across the Equipment, Software, Services, and Materials categories. Kelly stated that it is the company’s vision to aggregate and curate all B2B Vendor Content asset types.

As for the solution sets, each is a curated collection of success stories from multiple vendors focused on:

  • an industry (e.g., Mining, Municipal Water Treatment, Data Centers)
  • a vendor offering category (e.g., Pumps, Lubricants, ERP Software) 
  • a challenge/topic (e.g., Dust Control, Energy Efficiency, BYOD)

Kelly concluded by stating that his work is ongoing in creating even more curated solution sets, and that in 2021 there were over 1.7 million interactions with the content, and those interactions continue to grow for the company at the rate of over 10,000 new interactions every business day.

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