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Driving leads that convert.

Supercharge your revenue growth with pharosIQ’s content syndication solution, where we drive in-market lead opportunities through personalized content experiences, broadening your reach, building your pipeline with both digital and non-digital outreach tactics.

Intent to purchase signals

Leaving "Intent" in the past.

We’ve ditched the old intent data; our signal engine identifies down-funnel buyers for better targeting and bigger results.

Rajesh Nair

Purchase intent signals

Li Hua

Purchase intent signals

Jessica Flynn

Purchase intent signals

Using the magic of pharosIQ, we could begin to really listen and hear what customers were reacting to. We were then able to serve more content to target accounts, see the results in real-time and use that to either confirm our findings or correct ourselves.

Jorge Granada
Global Lead Programs COE, SAP

The great thing about pharosIQ is that we can get laser-focused not only on the geography and region but also home in on specific accounts that might need additional support. We’ve been able to build ABM micro clusters that enable us to orchestrate very targeted, successful campaigns.

Heather Rath
Director Field Marketing Enterprise, ServiceNow

IQsyndicate key benefits.

Precision targeting with our exclusive purchase intent signals means your brand will be seen by more of your target audience than ever before.

Build forecastable pipeline

Guaranteed campaign pacing and account matching ensure accurate marketing and sales qualified lead flow.

Reach new audiences

Access new markets and reach deeper into your target accounts to increase brand awareness and sales deals.

Refresh your marketable database

Update you marketable database to ensure every sales & marketing campaign drives revenue.

Stay ahead of the competition

Fill your sales and marketing pipeline with accounts and contacts that are showing intent to purchase before your competition.

Access the intent signals that power pharosIQ

Stay ahead of your competition with atlasIQ - It's FREE

Get access to the down-funnel intent signals that matter to you most.

Customer Success Story

LexisNexis Generates $1m in Pipeline with IQconnect

With pharosIQ, LexisNexis launched a dynamic integrated demand generation strategy combining content syndication and direct-to-desk mail to identify in-market buyers and nurture them to a sales-ready stage using IQconnect.

Global Audience

Take a look. We’ve got all the customers you want to sell to and all the buyers you’re excited to connect with. We can reach anyone, anywhere, anytime.









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